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Monday, July 1, 2019

New Stamp Release from Inky Stamper - TP

Oh Crap! Chelsea Comer (owner of the Inky Stamper) has done it again!   Be prepared for a bit of snarky with Inky Stampers' new stamp release this week.  The stamp set is called TP and if the picture below offers any hints...  well lets take a look, if you dare! 

As you pull on the TP roll you will find the lid lifts up to reveal Ralph 

He obviously need a little help

This card was created as a waterfall card so the lid would raise in steps. Let's walk through how I made it.  In the photo below you see all the measurements and card stock you need to recreate this card.  You will also  need an A2 size base for the card front we create.

I stamped out an image of the mouse on a post it note to use with a masking technique so we just get the image of the roll of toilet paper. You will want to use a black marker  to complete the drawing of the roll.  Stamp out the mouse  and plunger to color then fussy cut them out

Here are the pieces you will need to assemble.  I cut the toilet lid, seat and base from two oval dies and shaded them to give a look of dimension.   I also decided to cut one more small oval for water  to attach behind Ralph the mouse's toilet seat.  
Stamp the "Oh Crap!!!" sentiment on the top of the toilet lid and glue on the tank 1/4" down over the lid.   Position and glue the mouse on the open oval ring as shown and add the "Can you spare" sentiment  just above him on the ring. Glue the final ring onto the remaining oval and  glue in the water adding the "a Square?" sentiment on the lower half of the water so it will be hidden behind Ralph the mouse. Lastly cut 1/4" off the top of this piece as shown below

Take the 4 3/4" x 1 1/4" piece of card stock.  Score it at 1/2", 3/4", and 1 1/4".  Fold back and forth at the scores to loosen the paper fibers. Glue the base up to the 1/2" scoreline leaving a small bit of  the bend showing to allow room for movement

Next you will glue the seat portion up to the next fold.  This section is 1/4" and the seat should line up with the toilet base. Again make sure to leave a small bit of the bend showing to allow for movement. 

Lining up the toilet lid with the seat and the base, attach the  tank part to the remaining 1/2 ".  The following two photos give you a great visual of where you need to place each piece of the toilet. 

You will attach the toilet base to the 4" x 2 1/2 " printed piece of card stock. Add foam strips to each side of the paper making sure to give enough room allowing the slider to move freely.  See where your pull tab ends and glue the toilet paper to it so the end of the toilet paper roll shows at the bottom of the 4" x 2 1/2" when the entire toilet in closed.  Remove the foam backing and carefully attach this piece to the printed cardstock front. then attach this to the card base.

I hope you enjoyed this card and get to make your own. Visit the Inky Stamper Store to gram your TP stamp set.  Be sure to check out some of her other stamps, dies and tools too.

As always,  feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, ask a question, or just say hello!  I love hearing from you!

Happy Creating! ~ Jenn Gross (Journey Coach Jenn) 


  1. I can't get over how AWESOME this card is!!!! Thanks for playing along and sharing your project and talent with us!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Such a fun stamp set. Ralph is adorable❤❤

  2. Thank you Rhonda! So glad you visited today🧡