Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Fun and Easy Outer Space Light Up Card and GIVEAWAY

 Welcome to my Kindred Stamps blog!  I had such a fun time creating this light up card with the Outer Space stamp set by Kindred Stamps. I added the Power Pack by Pear Blossom Press to create the light up starry night!

I am so happy to offer an exciting GIVEAWAY!!  I am giving away one of the Pear Blossom Press Power Pack Kits with everything you'll need to make three light up cards and the Outer Space stamp set from Kindred Stamps  This giveaway is not sponsored by Kindred Stamps or Pear Blossom Press. It is offered by me, paying it forward to one of my lucky followers.  I will provide details to enter a bit later in the blog,

For this card, I started with two pieces of cardstock. 
4 1/8" x 5 3/8" Summer Days cardstock
4" x 5 1/4" Denim Days cardstock

After creating a galaxy sky with Distress Oxide Inks on the blue cardstock, 
I used Stars in the Sky die from My Favorite Things to die cut the stars in the night sky.  

I lined up the blue die cut cardstock on top of the yellow cardstock and lightly traced the stars on it.  This will help you find the area to place the Chibitronic lights and where to map out the copper tape circuit and the Power Pack.

The Pear Blossom Press Power Pack Kit is amazing!  It takes all the guess work out of how to create a switch out of paper.  The Power Pack houses an ultra thin 3v battery,  a purple connection button , and has a positive and negative wing on opposite sides to connect to the copper tape and lights.  

Here is the placement mapped out on the yellow card stock.  The triangles are where the lights will be placed and the lines are the negative and positive tape tracks.

Once you have the circuit drawing mapped out you can erase the star outlines form earlier.

I cut the copper tape in half length wise to create a narrower copper circuit track.  The (-) negative side of the Power Pack has the copper tape that is attached to the (-) negative side of the Chibitronic lights (the pointed end) and the (+) positive side of the Power Pack is connecting to the (+) positive side of the Chibitronic light.  After taping down the initial copper tape circuit track, I used strong double side adhesive tape (do not put tape on the metal wings) to adhere the Power Pack to the yellow card stock,  placing the power pack wings over the copper tape.

I added additional copper tape over the wings and over the lights. Press it firmly , but do NOT burnish it.  You want a firm connection not a tight one.

Once the connections are complete test the lights

 To attach the two card fronts together you will want to use double stick foam tape.  I added three layers of foam tape to the area around the power pack switch (the green lines).  This gives a little extra room by the switch.  You will add two layers of foam tape to the back of the Stars in the Sky die cut piece as shown below (black lines).

I exposed the foam tape and adhered the two pieces together.  To finish the card, I added the planets I colored with Spectrum Noir Triblend alcohol markers and the white embossed sentiment from Kindred Stamps "A face without freckles is like a night sky without stars".  I then added the finished cardfront to a A2 card base.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my Kindred Stamp Outer Space blog! 


Winner is 

To enter the GIVEAWAY 
1) Leave a comment telling me what planet you would visit if you were an astronaut
2) Make sure to leave your name and email address in your comment.

Again, this is NOT sponsored by Kindred Stamps or Pear Blossom Press, it is just me paying it forward to one of my lucky followers
The giveaway will close at 11:59 PM CST on Wednesday August 7th.  Good Luck

Happy creating and stay inspired, 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Pear Blossom Power Pack Hop

POWER PACK BLOG HOP - KNOCK if you dare! light up card

I am super excited to be a part of the Pear Blossom Press Power Pack Blog Hop!  

Welcome to my blog, your 4th stop on the hop!  
I was inspired to create a spooky light up Halloween card!  "KNOCK if you dare!"  When you press or tap the door to the house, select windows and the eerie moon will light up!

This is the Power Pack Kit by Pear Blossom Press.   It's genius, everything included in the kit to make three light up projects.  You provide the paper and the inspiration.  The kit includes three white Chibitronic sticker lights that are labeled with a (+) positive and a (-) negative side, a generous amount of conductive copper tape to lay out the circuit path, and three Power Packs that house the ultra thin battery and the switch to complete the connection.  You will also see each power pack is labeled with a (+) positive and a (-) negative side. This ensure popper placement of the lights.

For this project I am using Plusivo LED 3mm colored lights in yellow lights.  These appear to be  clear bulbs, but  they light up in specific colors.  It is important to note there is also a positive and a negative side to the wire legs of these lights.  
The longest leg is always the (+) positive leg and the shorter leg is the (-) negative leg.  

I started by creating a background for my card with Distress Oxide Inks on a piece of 5 1/4" x 4" Huckleberry Fusion cardstock.  I created an circular area in the top right using Carved Pumpkin Ink, added a few flicks of water to create the starry sky and added black ink at the bottom of the card front for the ground.  The Spooky Clouds die set is from Taylored Expression and cut out of Black Licorice cardstock, The spooky house and eerie tree dies are from the Spooksville Die Set by Fun Stampers Journey/Spellbinders. They are cut from Cocoa Powder and Black Licorice cardstock respectively.  I also cut a second house and tree to use for masking later on.

I die cut a 1 1/4" circle in the top right corner for the moon to shine through.

I positioned the pieces to see how I wanted the card front to look.

I removed the house and the tree and then glued the clouds into place trimming the parts that extended past the card base.

I put the house back in place to gauge where the Power Pack will be placed.  I wanted the door of the house to be over the purple switch on the Power Pack.

With the house still in place, I traced the openings for the circle window, middle window and the door.   I then used a craft knife and cutting mat to cut out the openings as shown in the photo below. 

For the back of the card front, I used a piece of Orange Rave cardstock. I centered the background piece atop the card and trace the openings I just cut out.  The orange card stock is where I will map out and place the copper tape, lights and Power Pack. 

I set the Power Pack in place.  The (+) positive wing of the pack is pointed towards the top of the card.  This means I will want to map out the (+)positive copper tape circuit on the left side of the card.  I chose three yellow Plusivo 3mm LED lights.  The (+) positive leg (longer) is pointed to the left side of the card.  The lights point toward the window and moon openings as shown below.  I used Sookwang Tape, also known as ScoreTape, on the back of the Power Pack, making sure to NOT cover up the metal wings.

The copper tape is conductive on both sides.  You want to avoid touching the tape side as much as possible as it will collect the oils from your skin making the tape less conductive.  It is always a good rule of thumb to leave a little tail of the tape extending past the end point of the destination.   Below, I taped out the (+) positive tape line on the left and the (-) negative tape line on the right side. (Pear Blossom Press has a great video on how to turn corners with the tape to create turns in your tape line)  I stuck the Power Pack in place over the top of the copper tape making sure the purple button lines up with the door opening I drew in the orange cardstock. Next I added an additional piece of copper tape on top of each of the metal wings, sandwiching the Power Pack wings in between the copper tape. I placed the lights with the (+) positive long leg on the left side of the card on the left copper tape line and the right (-) negative short leg on the right side of the copper tape line.  I then added another piece of copper tape on top of the tracks sandwiching the wire between the two pieces of copper tape as shown.  Do NOT burnish the tape over the wires.  It should be a firm, but not a tight fit.

I tested lights by pressing the purple switch.  You may notice the light further away is slightly dimmer than the lights closer to the Power Pack.  If any of the lights do not light up, press on the copper tape over the wire legs to see of the connection is not firm enough and make some slight adjustments to the pressure of the tape or the angle of the light.

I cut a piece of vellum to cover the openings on the back of the blue cardstock and taped it into place.  Using a small piece of orange cardstock, I covered the door opening from behind as well.
I masked off the house and tree as shown and daubed Carved Pumpkin Distress Oxide Ink on the exposed edge to create the moonlight glow on both of them. 

I glued the house in place on the card front and added the tree using foam squares.  I tested the lights once again before I started to add the craft foam to the card to encase the Power Pack and lights. 

I added double layers of foam tape to the card back and around the battery as shown below.  Note: There are two area in the second photo where I added three layers of foam tape.  The two places that need three layers of foam tape are beneath the door under the Power Pack switch and to the right of the purple button on the Power Pack.  This allows for the space needed around the button area.

I exposed the foam tape and mounted the two fronts together and added it to an orange A2 card base.

The sign in the front was added with a hand written "KNOCK if you dare!" pointing to the door on the front of the card.

I tested the lights and they worked!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the blog hop and I hope it inspired you to create a light up card.  Leave a comment letting me know what kind of light up card you want to create.  I love hearing from you.  Your next stop on the blog hop is below! Make sure you stop at all the hops and see all the amazing creations featuring the Power Pack by Pear Blossom Press.

Daniel West  Next on the hop!

Three Power Pack Kits will be awarded to winners, chosen at random, from comments left on participating blogs and videos. Comments must be posted by 11:59 pm PDT on August 3, 2019. Void where prohibited by law. For complete contest rules, visit Winners will be announced on August 5, 2019 at 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kindred Camping w/Power Packs - New July Release from Kindred Stamps

Summer time fun included camping and this card features the NEW JULY 26 RELEASE  from Kindred Stamps -  Kindred Camping a 4" x 8" clear stamp set.  I had a lot of fun and creating this interactive card.  Not only is it a floating floor card, but... the fire pit lights up!  How awesome is that?  

The Power Pack is from Pear Blossom Press to use to create the light up card.  This kit has all you need to create three light up cards - Copper conductive tape, three Chibitronic white lights, and three battery power packs with a button switch.  This takes all the guesswork out of how to create a paper switch and way to house and secure the battery on your own.  

Let me show how I created the light up portion of this card for you.  You need a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " card base folded in half to make an A2 size card.  Below you see the floating floor piece 3" x 5 1/2" .  It is scored at 1/2",  3/4", and 2 3/4".  Next make the folds as shown.

Unfold the piece and make the marks about 3/8" slot for where your characters will be placed.  The fire pit needs to taper from 5/8" to 3/8" as shown on the side with only one score line (see below).  Cut the slots and the tapered opening, then add double side adhesive (or liquid glue) to the 1/4" score as shown below.

Next remove the tape and adhere it just above the center fold line in the middle of the card base.  The next step is to line up the Power Pack and the copper tape lines.  I used a white pen to show how the circuit is mapped out.  Note there is a positive and a negative side to both the Power Pack and the Chibitronic light source. The positive and the negative lines are two separate tracks and will not touch.  The will only be connected by each side of the light and the two wings of the Power Pack.  The button on the Power Pack will complete the circuit connection lighting up the card.  You also want to make sure to place the Power Pack closer to the middle of the card fold to avoid the 1/2" area of the floating floor you will tape down later.


Carefully peel the copper tape and follow the circuit lines exposing only a bit of the copper tape at a time.  To make the 90 degree turn, fold an angle away form the direction you want to go (as seen in the 1st photo below and then fold it over the top to go in the direction of the Power Pack wings.  Once the copper track is down add a piece if strong adhesive to the back of the power pack, making sure you do NOT cover the metal wings.


Stick the Power Pack in place making sure the metal wings are over the copper tape. Add a piece of copper tape  to each side of the metal wings to cover the exposed metal and to secure it to the copper tape below.  See where the positive tape line is?  You will  want to attach the positive side of the light to this tape line and the negative to the other tape line as shown and add a piece of copper tape to the top of each side of the light.  There is a small transistor next to the light.  Do not let this touch the copper tape as it could cause a short in the light itself.

Test the light by pushing the purple button on the  Power Pack.  If it lights up, you are ready to assemble the rest of your card.

Tape down the folding floor base with double sided tape so it stand up as shown.  Cut four 1 3/4" x 3/8" wide stripes from card stock or acetate.  You will need to use acetate for the stand in front of the light so it can shine through.  Fold a little more than 1/4'  and add double sided tape as shown

I completed my card with a camp fire scene the fire is created using a combination of Sunshine  and Savannah Glitter Gloss on vellum.  I stamped out the fire pit stamp on a piece of white card stock three times, I cut them out each flame area with an exacto knife and used it as a stencil on the vellum.  After the Glitter Gloss dried, I cut each flame piece out and layered them together atop of the pit and the light.  Below is the glowing campfire and our Kindred camp girls having a great night!

My second project featuring Kindred Camping is a S'Mores Gift Tag featuring a a slide up tag and Distress Oxide Ink background.  Below you will find the step by step photos showing you how to make the nighttime wilderness setting used in this tag.

added little flicks of water 

The entire Kindred Stamps July release will be available Friday, July 26th at 8am PST/11am EST. Be sure to subscribe to the Kindred Stamps blog to see a daily line up of sneak peeks from our amazing Design Team and see the full product release on Friday! Come join the Fan Club and release event to be part of the release fun, and you may just win some Kindred Stamps credit!!

Sweet Dreams and  

And if you have stuck with me to the very end I have a surprise!  I am giving away $10 Kindred  Stamps store credit to one lucky participant.  To enter this giveaway you must do two things
1.)  Leave me a comment letting me know what kind of camping you like best! You know  tent, camper, under the stars...
2.) Please include your email address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

This giveaway closes on July 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM.  Winner will be drawn on August 2nd and posted here on August 3rd. 

THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. All qualifying comments were added to the Tiny Decision Maker App and the winner is KELLY LEE!  Congratulations!  I will be in touch!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and learning more about these fun interactive cards!

Happy crafting  and be inspired!   
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