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Sunday, September 15, 2019

NEW LIMITED EDITION BOX RELEASE - Teen Detective by Kindred Stamps

Hello my crafty friends!  Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  I am so excited to share with you two creations from the Limited Edition Box - Teen Detectives from Kindred Stamps! 

My first creation is this fun Pesky Kids Magnifying Glass box card that fits an A7 envelope.

For my second project I created a Groovy Lava Lamp Light Up birthday card featuring a this crime solving pup.


For the Lava Lamp Birthday Card, I started by coloring the pup with my  Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers and then fussy cut him out for later.

Next I used Pixie Spray to the back ot the Kindred Stamp Optical Illusion Stencil and used a few of my Fun Stamper Journey neon to create this fun design.

Next I uses some good old lined school paper to draw my lava lamp shaker.  It is 3 3/4" tall with the silver base and cap added.

I used my template to cut out my lava lamp from a piece of teal cardstock and  the top and base from mirror silver cardstock.  You can see I have cut out the lamp opening and added a a piece of acetate to create the window and glued it to the opening. 

I used the cardstock I stenciled with the Optical Illusion design and cut out a back for the lava lamp shaker.  I also cut a small hole that will be out of sight just below the silver base of the lava lamp.   

I took a piece of 3 3/4' x 5" white cardstock and use the Optical Illusion stencil with Catalina Splash ink  and faded out small area of the design in the lower right corner.  I positioned the  lamp template on my card front and traced where the opening would be and punched out a hole in that location. This allows me to lay out my light and Power Pack on my card base

I centered this card front over the card base and traced the opening for the light.  I placed my Power Pack down and mapped out the copper tape to create a link from positive to positive and negative to negative wings of both the light and the Power Pack

I tested out the connection to make sure all components lined up and the light lit up. I added double sided tape to the back of the Power Pack making sure not to cover the metal wings.  I added a small bit of the copper tape over  the top of the light and Power Pack wings to make sure the connection was solid (pres firmly, but do not burnish these area as it may cause a interruption in the connection) 

I added foam to the Lava lamp, making sure not to cover up the light hole, I added a few pieces of the Psychedelic Shaker Sequin Pack to the lava lamp and sealed it up.  I then lined up the opening on the card front to the lava lamp and glued it down.

I added Brutus Monroe thick foam tape to the card  base and card front as shown.  This will provide plenty of room to allow for the Power Pack switch and the light in between the base and card front.

I then added the curious pup to the front of the card with foam squares, the sentiment and neon paper circles to the front and positioned the pink Press Here circle over the power pack switch.  

And this finishes our Laval Light up Card featuring the Teen Detectives 

My second project is Those Pesky Kids  A7 Birthday Box.  I used circle dies and acetate to create the magnifying glass in front and added some sequins from the Psychedelic Shaker Sequins to to finish off the 3D card 

Below you will find the measurements needed to create the A7 Card box above


I hope you enjoyed this card and are inspired to create with the latest Kindred Stamps Limited Edition Box Teen Detectives.   I sure had a lot of fun creating them.
This box will be available to order Sunday, September 15 at 12 PM PST

We would love to have you join us on the Kindred Stamps Fan Page.  You can share your Kindred Stamps projects, get  some inspiration and invites to the monthly  Sneak Peek on the new releases, and participate in challenges and giveaways!  

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Please leave a message, I love hearing from you - your thoughts and ideas. Stay Curious!

Happy creating and be inspired,


Friday, September 6, 2019

Inky Stamper Blog Hop - Spread Some Color

Hello my crafty friends! Welcome to the Inky Stamper Blog Hop!

Today I get to share two fun cards I created with the Inky Stamper Peacock stamp set. This is a fun stamp set with adorable saying like: Sorry to ruffle your feathers!, It's Showtime...,  Strut Your Stuff, It's Your Birthday, and You make me Proud (in addition the the two  sentiments I used in my cards).   There are thee additional stamp props included in the set!

The first A2 card is Shake Your Tail Feathers.  This card is a wobbler card, so the peacock wiggles back and forth.

I started off by stamping the peacock image a few times with embossing ink and embossed one peacock in black embossing powder and the second in Night Blue Embossing Powder by Brutus Monroe. This embossing powder changes as the light hits it.  It is super cool.  I colored the peacocks with Brutus Monroe metallic Aqua Pigments.  I love the shimmer and rich colors you can get from this medium. They are so easy to use as water colors.

After die cutting the peacocks, I chose the Night Blue Embossed one for this card.  I added a small wobbler to the back of the Peacock and positioned it over a a matted panel I made with ColorBurst pigments. (there will be photos further down in the blog)

My second A2 card is Spread Some Color. You will see I added the paint brush stamp and created and extra wing for our peacock to hold it! 

I used Brutus Monroe Raven Detail Ink to stamp the full peacock once and just the wing and feet for the image of his second wing.  I also stamped out the paint bush.  I used my Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers to color the peacock and paint brush.  

I die cut the peacock and fussy cut the second wing and paint brush.  I played around with the pieces until I had the wing and paintbrush positioned they way I wanted behind the peacocks body as shown below then glued them into place.

For the colorful artwork used in both cards, I used ColorBurst powdered pigments and a small spray bottle of water.  I made several different backgrounds using 130# cardstock.  I find this weight has less curling when the colors are drying.  I chose two of the backgrounds. to use as panels on the cards. I cut them to a size I liked for each card.  I stamped "Shake Your Tail Feathers" in black ink on top of the larger Color Burst panel.  I mounted both of them on black card stock.  

I added dimension with foam tape to both Color Burst panels and attached them each to a 4" x 5 1/4" card white front.  I stamped Spread Color Wherever You Go on the front of the white card front.

To complete the card, I attached the Peacock with the paint brush using foam tape.  I used a tape runner to adhere the card front to the white Card Base 

I hope you enjoyed my Inky Stamper Peacock cards and tutorial

Thank you for stopping by the Inky Stamper Blog Hop and don't forget the giveaway!

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Monday, August 26, 2019

NEW RELEASE - Medusa - from Kindred Stamps

I was super excited to get the new Medusa stamp set to create with for the latest Kindred Stamps release!  I have created three fun and punny projects.  The first card is called If Looks Could Kill.  It is an inter active light up card featuring the Pear Blossom Press Power Pack and the new Tropical Chibitronic lights in green.  I embellished the card with two emerald gems.  I will share how to map out this card with copper conductive tape later in the blog.

My second project is a step card featuring Medusa and two characters from  Kindred Stamps' The Horror! stamp set.  It is a tad sassy and Medusa has the upper hand over these sinister guys as they are turned to  stone.

My third project is a fun fry box filled with worms,  a peace offering for being Such a Monster. 

To create the If Looks Could Kill Card, I used:
  • three layering label dies (like those pictured below)
  • one 5 1/4" x 4" piece of striped cardstock and one of black cardstock
  • 5 1/4" x 4" second piece of black cardstock with the largest and middle label die cut out of the largest label cut the center
  • Medusa stamped on white cardstock and colored
  • small piece of grey printed paper with the smallest label die cut out and heat embossed with the sentiment

I used a small hole punch to create openings where Medusa's eyes are.  I turned her over and centered her on the medium black label die cut and traced the eye openings onto the cardstock

I used a larger hole punch to create a larger opening where her eyes will be

I took the black 5 1/4" x 4"  cardstock with the large label die cut and glued it on top of the striped card stock

Next center the Medium black label in the center of the card front and trace the large eye holes.  After you have the eye holes traced, cut a rectangle for the opening.

Place the card front over the second piece of black cardstock and draw where Medusa's eye holes will be placed.  I put all paper pieces aside except for the back cardstock I just marked with Medusa's eyes.

I mapped out where the Chibitronic eyes would be placed, noting the positive and the negative sides and then worked out how I would lay the copper conductive tape to create the circuit to the Power Pack switch.

Below is how the circuit was mapped out just before adding the Power Pack switch

After adding one more layer of copper tape to the area where the Power Pack wings will touch, I checked the switch to make sure the lights worked. Then I taped the power pack down to complete the circuit.  I also placed copper tape over each side of the Power Pack wings and and each side of the lights.  Do not burnish the copper tape down too tightly, as it may interfere with the connection.

I added a double layer of foam tape where the read lines are shown below and attached the first layer (printed paper with black cardstock) being careful to line up the two pieces together.

I glued Medusa to the medium black label die cut lining up her eyes over the holes.  Next I added foam squares to the back of this piece and pressed the lights to help place her eyes directly over the lights. I added foam squares to the back of the embossed sentiment placing it near the bottom of the card.  The final touch was gluing two green crystals to opposite of each other on the card making sure the lower one was directly over the Power Pack button to light Medusa's eyes

I hope you enjoyed these three Medusa projects.  I loved creating them and sharing them with you! 

The entire Kindred Stamps August release will be available Friday, August 30th at 8am PST/11am EST. Be sure to subscribe to the Kindred Stamps blog to see a daily line up of sneak peeks from our amazing Design Team and see the full product release on Friday! Come join the Fan Club and release event to be part of the release fun, and you may just win some Kindred Stamps credit!!


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GIVEAWAY TIME! I am also excited to share a little Kindred Stamp love with my followers! I will choose from one of the comments to get a $10 store credit. Please leave a comment below telling me which of these three projects is your favorite. Be sure to add your email in your comment. Deadline to comment is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 3rd.  Winning comment will be drawn and posted on Wednesday, September 4th.

Thank you for following along with my creations. 

Happy creating and be Inspired!  - Jenn Gross